Making the delivery of complex care, simple

Epic Care

Simplifying the delivery of complex care.

Delivering cohesive care is a complex task that requires timely interaction, communication and cooperation from many individuals and many disciplines of care. Epic Care significantly simplifies the provision of better care by enabling the sharing of information, better communication between professionals while underpinning industry best practice.

Epic Care has been developed in close collaboration with our clients working on the front lines of care service provision. We want our clients to have maximum flexibility with regard to working location, portability and care at the bedside. Therefore, Epic Care can be accessed from anywhere that has an internet connection. There is nothing to install and the obvious benefits of consolidating diverse interdisciplinary services are immediately evident. What’s more we manage it all for you, for example we look after support, initial setup, updates, upgrades, new modules and backups, dramatically reducing the Total Cost of Ownership.

Epic Care Features

Provide better care

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Increase efficiency

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Drive Better Compliance

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Ease of Setup and Implementation

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Provide better care

Less time doing paperwork more time with patients/residents

An important component of ensuring delivery of quality care is documentation. Epic Care Provides you team with a toolset that enhances and enables their daily paperwork routines. It also simplifies documentation processes and dramatically reduces all overheads associated with paperwork. Freeing staff from considerable administration overhead and resulting in more time with the Patient/Resident.

Putting the person at the centre of care

Epic Care enables staff from different teams to collaborate and work together which means they benefit from sharing information. This approach dramatically reduces duplication and makes sure that the individual is placed firmly at the centre of the care provided. Your team are empowered to make better decisions because they have access to real-time multidisciplinary information.

Professional ownership

Epic Care has become renowned for encouraging a positive culture of clinical accountability and professional responsibility.

Best practice

Thousands of healthcare professional’s use Epic Care on a daily basis, making it the industries prime resource for clinical best practice and research.

Increase efficiency

Remote access

Anytime, anywhere capability enables designated staff to monitor and manage your operation from anywhere over a standard internet connection.


Our unique interface has been designed in collaboration with our clients to enable them to operate Epic Care on a wide variety of mobile devices, such as Apple and Android tablets.

Audits and KPIs

All your KPIs at the press of a button, know if all your assessments have been carried out, interventions have been actioned, Patient/ Resident progress has been recorded, all Patient/Resident information has been captured and wounds have been treated. All this plus much more is easily managed thought a comprehensive set of Audit Tools.

Single or group sites

If you manage more than one site then you can undertake group wide or site specific Audits or management reporting without having the overhead, cost and delay of manually correlating or consolidating information from different sites.

Drive Better Compliance

Quality assurance and continuous improvement

The quality of care and experience of the residents are monitored and developed on a continuing basis through comprehensive management reporting tools.

Comprehensive care planning

Person Centred, outcome based care is tailored to each unique resident’s assessed needs and is set out in an individual care plan.

Autonomy and independence

Each resident can exercise choice and control over his/her life and is encouraged and enabled to maximise independence.

Incidents, accidents, complaints & complements

This information is recorded electronically and immediately available in real time facilitating effective management of the process, without the overheads associated with manual and paper based recording and correlation.

Human resource management

Manage H.R. overheads, ensuring staff are recruited and retained in accordance with best H.R. management practices.

Ease of Setup and Implementation

Getting started is easy

You simply need a computer or an apply/windows/android tablet, with an internet connection and we will provide and manage the essential servers and backup infrastructure.

There are no hidden/additional costs

With Epic Care On-Demand freeing you from all the headaches and additional costs associated with traditional software, such as having to purchase expensive Servers and complex networking infrastructure.

Training options

Are offered to suit your individual needs either online or classroom based.

No vendor lock-in

Customers have to choose to renew their subscription ensuring we continually work hard to provide the best possible solutions and services.

No large up-front investment

With Epic Care OnDemand, customers avoid the large initial investment typically associate with traditional software purchases.

How long does it take?

On average a 50 bed facility can have all their core Patient/Resident demographic information loaded in less than a day. The rest is at a pace you are comfortable with, considering your goals and available resources.

Download the Epic Care Value Proposition

In this free download you will learn about the incredible benefits of implementing Epic Care into your operation. We will also show you how Epic Care has consistently proven to be cost neutral and in most cases offers a significant return on investment.

We will discuss how you can save in areas such as:

  • Management
  • Care documentation
  • Reporting
  • Administration
  • Accounts receivables
  • Paper, Stationary and Storage
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